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Width Of a Semi Truck – How Can a Court Sentence You Eight Hours Before Lunch?, bestcarautosales.com | How long can a semi truck be? Semi trucks are, in general, between 102 feet (8.5 and 8 feet) long. Countless municipalities, however, might restrict the actual length to just 96 feet (8 feet). So what is the actual length of a semi trailer and semi truck?

Width Of a Semi Truck

The actual length of semi trucks varies greatly depending on how it is built. They can be built much wider than the standard width of between 101 and 102 feet.

The average semi trucks length actually falls within these guidelines. The length can be as long as 160 feet. That’s far longer than the legal minimum requirement of 96 feet. Even so, they don’t have to be.

Width Of a Semi Truck

Width Of a Semi Truck
Width Of a Semi Truck visite : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semi-trailer_truck

Don’t think it’s an automatic that a court will rule in favor of the defendant in a traffic case if they can show that the opposing party was using poor language when talking about the size of a semi truck or trailer. It doesn’t work that way in court. You’ll need to make your argument based upon the facts of your particular situation.

Fact: The government suggests that you shouldn’t even attempt to argue your way into a conviction based upon the fact that the truck’s actual width inside height is less than the legal limit. The courts won’t take that suggestion.

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This isn’t a case where you can simply say “my truck isn’t that big.” The judge will likely dismiss your case if you try to paint a legal loophole in the measurement of the truck itself. If you’ve tried this in the past, the judge will likely toss out your claim.

Fact: Driving through heavy traffic on a regular basis causes many traffic accidents and fatalities. At least one of those deaths could have been avoided if the truck in question had actually been much wider than it was when it hit the road.

Semi Truck Dimensions USA

Width Of a Semi Truck

It’s true that statistics show that drivers who are involved in four or more traffic accidents that are carrying more than 25 miles per hour have a much higher risk of being involved in accident versus drivers who aren’t such fast freeway speeders.

Common widths are 8 ft (2.44 m),[10] and 2.6 metres (102.36 in).[11] Generally speaking, most North American type trailers use two axles with dual-tire hubs totaling 8 wheels, while most European type trailers use three axles with single-tire hubs totaling 6 wheels, with one of the axles being able to be lifted for lighter loads and saving on tire, brake, and axle wear. Nearly all sufficiently tall modern trailers are equipped with a rear underride guard to prevent cars from passing beyond the rear edge of the trailer, and most also have side underride guards for the same reason. There are also other smaller differences with regards to kingpin depth, lighting, door locks, et cetera, though most purpose-built tractor trucks can carry most types of trailer regardless of which continent it was built on and the differences therein. Width Of a Semi Truck by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semi-trailer

But what about all those other drivers? They were traveling at regular driving speeds when they suffered accidents from being too wide for their vehicles. That means that if you’re a driver who is doing about ten miles over the speed limit, you are probably not as big a danger to other drivers as one who is driving twice the usual speed.

Width Of a Semi Truck

Fact: The US has one of the largest fleets of full sized trucks in the world, next only to China. There is no reason to expect the government to suddenly start letting all of its trucks carry the legal limit of load.

That means that if you are going to be driving a truck of any kind with a lot of cargo in it, you should know that you are in serious trouble if you get into an accident where the truck you are driving exceeds the legal minimum.

Some of those trucks are 18-wheelers. And some of them are two-wheelers. Driving a truck that is double the legal minimum can cause many accidents.

Width Of a Semi Truck

Fact: If you want to drive a truck, the law requires you to have a proper licensing and insurance policy in place before you can even step foot inside of a semis. The sentence you get for killing someone in a truck accident caused by having no insurance is five years long.

Some people try to get out of paying the fines and surcharges by arguing that the accident wasn’t their fault, because the truck they were driving traveled only three miles per hour over the posted speed limit, which is legal in the state of California.

But California has a thing called a zero percent prorated suspension, which means that if you have a traffic violation as serious as the one you’ve been cited with, and you’ve paid your fines and made all your payments, you’ll never have to pay a cent of your fine.

You can expect that your sentence will be suspended immediately, because the state and its revenue service cut off your driver’s license the minute you are served with your citation.

Fact: Although it is true that most drivers are aware of the laws that they are required to follow when they are driving, they don’t really understand what the laws apply to them.

The point is that they must obey the laws even if they don’t feel like doing so. That is why it is not unusual for drivers to be found guilty of a traffic violation while they are on their way to work in the morning, or even while they are sitting in their car waiting for their daily coffee break.

Driving a semi trailer combination trucks is a very dangerous thing to do, and the only way to avoid it is to know all the rules of the road and how they apply to you and to other drivers. That is why it is your responsibility to get a traffic lawyer involved and represent yourself in court.

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