Truck Shows Near Me

Truck Shows Near Me

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Visiting Local Truck Shows Near Me, | Truck Shows Near Me have always been a great way to meet other drivers and see what makes them tick.

My wife and I used to go to one in Kansas City for a few years. It was called the Mo tractor show, and it was really nothing more than a bunch of trucks that were all looking like they were from a collection of old Korean war vehicles.

Truck Shows Near Me 2021

Truck Shows Near Me

My wife and I would sit in the front and look over the rows of cars and trucks, sometimes spotting something interesting on someone’s truck that we would later learn was new on that particular vehicle. After the show was over, we would head to an RV or other truck dealership to try our luck finding a nice truck.

Pickup Truck Shows Near Me 2020

I wasn’t very good at choosing what I wanted in a truck, so going to truck shows near me was out of the question. I needed to find a classic car show that was somewhere around my home, but where could I find one? I knew that the area was full of car lovers, but I didn’t know which type of car to look for. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to look at rare older models or go for a newer car that was rarer.

Semi Truck Shows Near Me 2021

Truck Shows Near Me

I finally found a great place to check out. The first stop was a large dealership that had many different makes of cars in one parking lot.

I was fascinated by the selection of RVs and other trucks in the lot. I wasn’t sure what to buy, so I decided to take a look at a few of the newer SUVs and coupes.

The next stop on my list was a place that specialized in SUVs, called Eau Claire Auto Mall. It seemed that there would be quite a variety of cars here, including a good selection of Nissan Armada minivans. I was eager to see what the selections were, so when I got there, I quickly got to the fun stuff.

First stop was a giant warehouse with rows upon rows of trucks and cars. This was a good way to get a real feel for the types of cars you can find at truck shows near me.

There are always a ton of neat trucks here. One of them was an extremely rare blue diamond Z line that I would love to own.

Antique  Truck Shows Near Me

Truck Shows Near Me

I also learned that there are also some nice Ford Taurus models that have been left in good condition. These are often only a few years old, but they have lots of potential.

The next stop of interest was the chevy c10 truck shows at the University of Alabama. I don’t even know why I went to this show, it was just something that caught my attention.

I have been to a few of the bigger truck shows, but the University of Alabama’s setting is really something special. This area hosts many events of all sizes, so you definitely have to check out their truck expo. It was my favorite truck show of the whole summer!

Another interesting thing about Alabama is their annual Monster Jam trucks. This is a huge tractor show with thousands of trucks, trailers, and other things on display.

It is held in the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center. The jam is my favorite time of year in Birmingham because everything is so dirty and it’s really fun to see all of the heavy machinery in action. If you like seeing all kinds of monster trucks, then the Monster Jam is definitely the place for you.

The last stop of the summer for me was the Ft. Lauderdale International Truck show. This is a huge show with many different types of trailers and monster trucks in attendance.

You can see all kinds of trailers, and you will definitely have an enjoyable time at this show. I hope that I gave you something to think about when planning your summer road trip.

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