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Tango and Cash Truck, bestcarautosales.com | In this animated comedy classic, an aging dancer (Japanese) returns home to the U.S., where he exchanges tales of love and dance with his daughter (English).

In a brief two minute montage, Tango (voiced by Jim Carrey) travels across the country, visiting a bride in her marriage, a cowboy in a bar, a street hustler, a vagabond on the freeway, a priest in a tiny town, and finally his Japanese partner, Kohaku.

After a series of amazing and hilarious misunderstandings, the two men finally exchange vows. But as the couple leaves the restaurant, they notice the clock has stopped moving, and Tango notices a pile of money in the front yard. Now, Tango must use his magic powers to save the day and dance his way into the bank…

Tango and Cash Truck

Tango and Cash Truck

“Tango and Cash Truck” is a memorable and comical film that puts the colorful world of Mexican folk dance into a modern context.

Although the plot is a little silly at times (and includes a rather uninteresting exchange of money between Tango and Cash), the film is fun for all its worth.

Many of the movie’s jokes come from Carrey’s on-screen chemistry with Bill Murray, whose presence lends life to the comic performances of the other characters, especially Jim Carrey.

The storyline, although simple, is entertaining, and the dance sequences are both choreographed and hilarious. This film also includes some excellent Mexican music.

As the title suggests, Tango and Cash is a sequel to the much successful “CeCecus” (also with Jim Carrey). It picks up shortly after the end of the first film, as Tango and his partner, Eloise (voiced by Dan Butler), continue their travels through Mexico looking for the legendary gold buyer.

Tango and Cash Truck

Along the way, they run into some trouble with the local authorities, get lost in a cave, fall under a waterfall, and witness the murder of a local rancher by Cartagena’s corrupt police captain (John Turturro). Meanwhile, Eloise is bitten by a venomous spider and taken back to the United States.

With the help of an aging former rodeo bull and some local people (including some well-meaning Mexican drug dealers), Tango and Cash make their way through Mexico and discover the source of their mysterious wealth: the legendary St. Louis herd of cattle.

When they arrive at the ranch, however, they discover the herd has disappeared! An evil rancher named Roberto (Eliot Capra) wants money for the cows and locks Tango and Cash inside a vault.

Tango and Cash Truck

A band of hunters (led by none other than Carl Weathers) are waiting outside, but they too can’t find the thieves and end up allowing them to flee.

Now Tango and Cash must race against time to figure out what happened to the cattle and where they have gone! Meanwhile, Eloise falls in love with a cowboy named Johnny ( Wes Craven) who happens to be the local rancher’s son.

Wes Craven manages to keep this story light-hearted throughout the movie and doesn’t put the same amount of stress on the plot as some of his other Western genre movies. However, the true humor behind the film comes from Tango and Cash’s relationship.

Tango and Cash Truck

While he appears to be a simple, carefree cowboy, his deeper, tender side reveals a secret man beneath the surface. When he dances with Eloise at the end of the movie, it seems that he might be the one she has been secretly hoping for all along.

As is characteristic of Wes Craven, he makes good use of Spanish culture and names. The name “Tango” is a reference to the instrument played by tango players, a lira, and the slang term for “dancing with the one you love.”

Likewise, the phrase “seanita” means “spit” or “sewer.” In addition, “Cash” is short for “cash.” Although the origin of these two terms is not clear, it is possible that the term “seanita” came from a bargain of some sort between Eloise and Tango when they first crossed the Rio de la Plata; the bargain being that Tango would pay Eloise if he were to lose his grip on the dancing ropes.

Wes Craven then takes his sights on Las Vegas with this movie cash…and the tango gets an honorable mention! With the advent of slot machines, it has become more common for people to bet and win jackpots in casinos, rather than risking their money at video games.

This has caused many casinos to raise the bar on quality of gaming equipment and offer “lottery tickets” for purchases of specific types of equipment.

Wes Craven’s inclusion of the tango in this movie illustrates how important quality equipment can be to a winner. His increasing popularity among slot players is another illustration of how a little-known commodity like the tango can still command a premium price.

Although the plot of Top Gun looks for a good many years at the tango-meets- Vegas relationship between Tango and Cash, there is one interesting subplot that does not make the final cut: Tango’s friendship with a young Mexican girl named Ariel.

Their friendship, while not romantic in any traditional sense, did help Tango bond with the young woman, and Tango even went as far as to suggest that she leave her homeland to live in Argentina with him.

It is doubtful whether this relationship was ever depicted on screen or if this particular element of the movie was cut out because of time constraints. Regardless, Tango and Cash truck are back in full swing, this time in a new video game format: Top Gun Online.

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