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Speedway Auto Sales – Customer Service is Most Important Asset

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Customer Service is Speedway Auto Sales’ Most Important Asset, bestcarautosales.com | “At Speedway Auto Sales, we desire to give you the very best automotive experience possible.” This statement seems self-explanatory; however, one must understand the concept of customer service before delving into such a statement.

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In this article, I will provide an in-depth explanation as to how such an organization may be able to offer excellent service to its customers.

Customer service can be defined as the level of interaction that occurs between the customer and the business. This level of interaction, which occurs when a customer interacts with the organization, is not always a direct, one-to-one relationship. It is more of a general sense of warmth, friendliness and a sincere desire to help the customer.

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This warmth, friendliness and sincere desire to help are all factors that are a must have if you are to make any sizable purchase. If an organization does not have these components, then it should not be considered a reputable or trusted place to make a purchase.

Such an organization has a responsibility to its customers in maintaining a positive relationship. If it fails to maintain this level of customer service for a customer, than it is blatantly unprofessional and the customer will go elsewhere for their next automotive purchase.

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This failure to be professional or trustworthy causes such an organization to lose a great deal of their customers to competitors. It is also directly responsible for lost sales, because the customer simply will not consider purchasing anything from them any longer due to their poor level of customer service.

How does an organization determine whether or not it possesses these characteristics? Simple, they simply perform research! In doing this research, they find the top automotive companies in their area and then look at their customer service records.

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Based on the information gathered, the organization can then determine whether or not it needs to develop and nurture a close relationship with these companies, or if it should instead keep its competition completely at bay.

So why does a speedway auto dealer fail at this task? Speedway dealers believe that the customer simply will not purchase a car from them due to their poor level of customer service. They fail to realize that customer service is a two way street, and that good customer service is far more likely to influence the purchase decision than any other variables.

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This means that if the customer is happy with the speedway dealership, they will tell everyone about it, increasing the dealership’s sales, and therefore their profits.

The customer service that a speedway auto sales company provides to its customers is actually its most important asset. It may not appear so at first sight. After all, if you only have so many cars to sell, you do not need to be the best, but rather the cheapest.

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But, if every customer that you sell to feel that you are professional and knowledgeable, they will tell everyone, increasing your sales, and therefore your profits. And, if the customer is not satisfied, he or she will tell someone, spreading the negative word about your dealership, which can only bring you more customers, decreasing your profits, and therefore your net profit.

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Therefore, speedway auto sales should be founded on the idea that the more people who know about your company, the greater your profits will be.

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