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Finding an Accredited Business For Legacy Auto Sales, | “Legacy Auto Sales Company”, also known as Legacy Service Corporation, is a full service dealer of new and used cars. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the leading full service dealers in the country.

Legacy Auto Sales

It was founded in 2021 by Frank Pace. Frank Pace wanted to find a company that would be on par with the top, full service dealers in the country and has opened a showroom and two sales branches in Chicago, Illinois.

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This company has recently been rated #1 by The Association of Specialists in Franchises (The ACF) in their Blue Ribbon Report. In addition to being rated #1, The ACF also noted that the majority of its franchisees indicated that they had little to no problems with the quality of their products or services. Their business profile includes:

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Most customers that purchase a car from this company end up becoming loyal customers because they are happy with the quality of their products or services. Their business started when one of their franchisees suggested that they start a business selling used cars.

The sales started quickly because of the positive word of mouth from other independent sellers. The business quickly increased in line with the positive word of mouth feedback.

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This company’s business profile includes: certified dealers, certified sales managers, and six-year warranty on all of their vehicles. They have also been accredited since 2021 by the Better Business Bureau.

One of the top companies in the auto industry is Global Automotive Consultants (GAC). GAC has been accredited since 2021 by The Automotive Business Board (The BBB), which is an international organization dedicated to protecting the interests of the buying public.

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The BBB rating is determined by customer complaints over the course of a three-year time period. These customer complaints were recorded and analyzed in order to give a true and accurate bbb rating for each of their dealers.

The auto industry is quite competitive these days. The business started to boom when people started to realize how easy it was to find great deals. The business started to expand when new auto dealer companies started to open around the country. The main difference between a company that is accredited by the BBB and one that isn’t is how well they treat their customers.

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To find a company with a bbb business profile that is good to do business with, you need to search for them on the internet. Type in your search parameters in the appropriate fields and make sure that they have a link to the BBB website. You should also look at their contact information.

Make sure that the contact information on their website is current and up to date. If the contact information is outdated then you may end up getting spam in your email box. If you do your homework before contacting this type of company then you should be able to find one with a good reputation.

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