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Keystone Used Auto Sales – Safer Buying a Car Here

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Keystone Used Auto Sales, Brodheadsville, PA, | “What is it about Keystone used auto sales that make people keep coming back?” A local newspaper recently asked this question of me and here is what I had to say. ” Keystone, Texas is a place I love to go.

The people are friendly and helpful and the cars are nice and I always feel safe. In fact, I feel safer buying a car here than any other place I have been.”

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“What makes you go to Keystone over again for your next auto purchase?” “The prices are great, the people are great, the cars are nice, and the locations are convenient.

It’s a no brainer really; I just know that if I am going to Brodheadsville to buy a new or used vehicle, I will come back and buy another car in Keystone, Texas thanks to these guys.”

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“So when did you start buying cars in Brodheadsville?” “I stopped shopping around for a while because it seemed like the town was too small to accommodate all the great dealers I knew there were. I just went with whoever I knew was in business there and bought a nice little chevy.

I still go back to Brodheadsville every once in a while to look at the different cars they have for sale because I just want to see what is out there for me and my family.” “Do you still buy your cars in Brodheadsville?”

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“You have had some success in getting the prices you wanted, but it may not be in your future. If your family needs a new ride, maybe you should take them to a place that you have heard about.

The used auto sales people in Brodheadsville can let you know if a particular make or model has high marks on the customer satisfaction scale and can help you find something in your price range.” “How often do you shop for a new ride in Brodheadsville?”

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“I usually bring my husband and children along when I shop. We have come to really appreciate the car maintenance stops we get each time we stop here.”

“If you could do one thing to improve the service you get from your Brodheadsville used auto sales person, what would it be?”

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“The only thing I would do is tell him to slow down on the part of the day he picks up my vehicle. I already have a pretty good idea of how many miles I am going to get done during the week.

I figure, if I have an extended warranty on my new ride, I might as well take advantage of it.” “How long has it been since you went to the tire store for a new tire?”

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“I stopped by last weekend to look at some Brodheadsville used cars and there was one nice four-door sedan. It looks brand new but it has only had a couple of thousand miles.

I will get the keys and take it for a test drive.” “Just how much mileage should you expect to see in these Brodheadsville, PA cars?” “Well, if I take it out to the road and average the figures, I should expect to see about twelve hundred miles in these two and a half years.”

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“So you are talking about Brodheadsville, PA, used cars? That is such a beautiful area. It just makes you feel good when you are enjoying your vacation time in this part of the world.” “I love this part of the country. There are just so many things to do and places to visit.”

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“Now, back to the subject of your Brodheadsville, PA used car. How much money are you willing to spend?” “I am not sure.

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I am going to play that amount off the top of my head and play it back; then we will figure out a reasonable amount to go with the price and work with that.

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Right now, I have a goal of less than twenty thousand dollars. I do not know if that is a low or high, but it is what I am working with at the moment.”


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