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eagle Auto Sales Lawsuits, | We are pleased to inform you that the Court has finally found in our favor regarding a case brought forth by Eagle Auto Sales, Inc. against four current plaintiffs.

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As indicated in the recently completed court order to determine if additional restitution should be granted, those who bought vehicles from Azzam Eagle Auto at Syracuse and feel that they were victims of deceitful sales practices or illegal financing agreements can now contact Attorney General Eric Holder for a claim for relief.

We are pleased that this resolution has been reached fairly and appropriately, allowing time for us to move forward to resolve these matters. Eagle Auto Sales has agreed to pay a $75k settlement to two plaintiffs, and cease collection efforts immediately.

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This is an excellent outcome for all of those involved in this unfortunate situation. We believe this is in the best interest of all involved and will work diligently to help those who were negatively affected in this matter.

In this article, we’ll discuss how this case ultimately resolved, and what steps both parties must take to ensure the resolution of future questionable sales practices. According to the complaint filed by Eagle Auto Sales against the four plaintiffs in the case, Azzam Eagle was selling cars on a regular basis that violated the New York State Laws on the Sales Consignment Runaways Act, when they discovered that one of their dealers had been defrauded. We’ve seen this cited in past cases as the reason many companies turn over the reins of their business to an outside company to handle.

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But regardless of the reasoning, it’s clear that this dealership didn’t live up to the expectations that came with being an S.C.O.R. The case was eventually resolved, and Azzam Eagle has paid a fine to end their involvement in this unfortunate affair.

As part of the resolution in this matter, the dealership was required to take certain measures to protect the public in the future from unethical, and possibly illegal sales techniques. These include: prohibiting sales to unapproved buyers, requiring drivers to go through a credit check, and instructing their agents to refrain from taking advantage of desperate buyers. This should deter any dealership from attempting to circumvent the law in the future.


In addition to the measures taken by Azzam Eagle Auto Sales, the dealership was required to pay the costs of the legal suit. This includes court costs, which were significantly higher than the typical car sales case, because of the nature of this case and the amount of deception involved.

This is good for consumers everywhere. While it may not happen often, there are many car dealerships out there that prey on consumers who just need a good honest car salesman, but don’t necessarily know that they’re being sold a lemon.

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If you or someone you know has been negatively affected by this situation, you should look to hire an attorney. You can learn more about your rights by visiting the S.C.O.R.E. website. This website provides helpful information on common car sales frauds and gives you contact information for attorneys who specialize in this area of the law.

You do not have to worry about protecting yourself from unethical car salespeople in your area. You should take every step necessary to protect yourself from these types of unscrupulous dealers. By consulting an attorney, you can learn everything you need to know. Protecting yourself from eagle auto sales scams is important, because you don’t have anything to lose.

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